Stranger Things (2016)

Note – spoilers abound in the links, but not the review.

Netflix has been on a roll with its incredible programming offerings, and none have created such an exciting and engaging stir than Stranger Things. An engaging universe that opens and closes a mystery cycle in a mere eight episodes, the Duffer brothers have written and directed a bingeworthy series that we destroyed in a record weekend.

Sending up all of the Stephen Spielberg and other grand spectacular film wonders of the 1980s, Stranger Things was an entertainment experience that was simply not wasted in any aspect of its production, from casting to budget. A gorgeous ensemble show that was a great deal of fun to watch, this piece creates something new from the old. This nostalgia overload combined with an entirely new storyline and universe concept has truly made something special. Without giving too much away, this show has captured elements from E.T., Close Encounters, The Thing, Twin Peaks, Stand By Me, Goonies, and a hundred other references, and blended it with a mysterious storyline that is half Mark Z. Danielewski and half Stephen King. Sexy design and hundreds of original props sweeten the deal, and the performance of the cast who are relatively unknown is not only impressive but entirely convincing.

It has spawned a great deal of excellent content beyond the show, and I’m very much looking forward to season two.

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