Troublemaker by Leah Remini

I read Remini’s momoir after finishing up Jenna Miscavage Hill’s memoir about growing up in the Sea Org, “Beyond Belief.” I have also read Lawrence Wright’s “Going Clear” and enjoyed that immensely. When I read about Remini’s work and found her series on Hulu, I immediately picked up a copy of Troublemaker from the library and sped through it. It is an illuminating book that showcases what happens when Remini’s spunky attitude crosses the threshold of the organization’s strict policies. She is clearly not the kind of person that would easily bow to the strict, controlling needs of her version of the church. She debunks and analyzes many of the claims that the church purports in this book, and also anecdotally describes many of the crimes against her and her friends as a member of the church.

This book was illuminating, and I enjoyed her perspective of what she went through as a member. The only aspect of the book that I could have gone without was when she would start doing the celebrity-dishing thing that changed it from her story to an episode of Entertainment Tonight. These moments weren’t that big of a deal, though, and the payoff with her attendance at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding that led to a big revelation about their children and the wife of the founder seemed to be worth the stuff I didn’t care about.

I enjoyed making my way through this book. It helped to deepen my fascination, and worked as a great companion to the series.


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