New Publication: “On The Subway To Work With A Better Class of People, by Robert Lopez”

“There is a book in here I read every day. I start at the beginning and read on through till the end. Each time it is like I am reading it anew as I can never remember what the story is about. It’s almost like every day the book tells me a different story.” 

The magic in Robert Lopez’s body of work consists of the brief, little burst of lightning in a sentence, a phrase, a four-paragraph micro-story. While A Better Class of People (Dzanc, 2022) is Lopez’s fourth short novel, it is the first that takes his aptitude for tiny explosive momentums and turns them into a singular narrative. A Better Class Of People outshines his previous novels by achieving the ideals of his work in structure, execution, and pure dedication to the craft.

Read the rest of Garrett’s review at The Collidescope…

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